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Waterworks Rd Pall Membrane Upgrade

Clients: South East Water

Waterworks Road is a refurbishment project of an existing site.

This involved a new MCC to control the site, provided by Enisca with the control system software completed by Profitec. The main addition to the site was a PALL microfiltration (MF) system consisting of 4 racks of filter modules. In addition to writing software to control the existing plant, Profitec were required to write software to control the complex operation of the PALL MF plant on a Mitsubishi Q series platform.

The MF plant operates 36 different sequences, from simple filtration and ASRF (backwash) to the extensive CIP (cleaning in place) and neutralisation sequences. Profitec worked closely with the process experts from PALL to thoroughly test the software before commissioning began.

This was one of the first installations of PALL’s new modular rack system. This allows the rack to be built up on site rather than built off site and transported as a fully constructed rack. The racks are controlled by pneumatic valves operated by Festo remote IO/pneumatic CPX units. These are connected to the Mitsubishi PLC system via Profibus.

This site was the First of 3 sites completed by Profitec with Pall and SEW, the 2 other sites Stockbury Wtw and Kingston Wtw are also complete and in service at present.

Project Details

  • Client:
    South East Water
  • Scope:
    Membrane Software coding
  • Completion Date:
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